Simplified RS-1 "Residential" Zone

The following is a proposed update to the City of Vancouver’s RS-1 bylaw aimed at simplifying the zoning code while making it more flexible.
This version maintains the current floor area limits, though there may be reasons to revisit that limitation in future versions.

V.1  Sept 10, 2016            Bryn Davidson - Lanefab Design/Build

Viewable as a google doc: 

Key proposals/changes:

  • 0.70 FSR as outright for all circumstances 
  • Remove 'Above Grade' floor area requirements
  • Require buildings over 4000sf to meet the Passive House or equivalent standard (would apply to large or consolidated lots)
  • Allow floor area exclusions for elevators in wheelchair accessible homes
  • Allow duplex and multiple dwelling as outright uses
  • Remove floor area exclusions for garages
  • Remove max building depth requirements
  • Remove site coverage restrictions while maintaining permeable area requirements
  • Reduce minimum front yard (from 20% to 10% of lot depth)
  • Reduce minimum rear yard
  • Allow reduced (or zero) side yard with neighbour approval
  • Conditional maximum height becomes outright
  • Remove the 'primary and secondary envelopes' for roof height
  • Allow relaxations to permeable area requirements where rainwater capture and storage systems are provided